About Us

It all starts with Louie and Harold in a room when they experience the problem on their lost data that they cannot find any solution. They search for a solution but nothing to find. So they find ways by doing an experiment with the knowledge they have and mix it with their skills. They were successful to find a solution and were able to save all the formulas. In this way, they were more passionate to learn more. And able to help people by writing an article about data recovery. So they agree to start a blog about data recovery. In the year 2010, they started to gather all their needs to start this blog. And by the following year, they start to publish their article.


In their blog, they want to have complete knowledge pertaining to data recovery. With the help of their professional friends and connections, they were able to gather more information. They also invite their connections to write an article on their blog that will have a big help for all the readers and guests of their blog. The important thing they learn is that they also gain knowledge from what they are writing. As well as, they share what they learn.


Passionate to help, one key why they build this blog because they don’t want other people to experience what they experience. Additionally, is hard work in their craft and career they pursue.


To gain their success and stay online for more than 2 decades because they open their line by creating a box. The reader able to write their question and even suggestion. Moreover, they read the letters of their readers and they answer the question individually. With the suggestion they also accept and they also respond to those who suggest. In this way, they open their ears and communication with their followers.

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